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Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia (MIFA) works with people affected by severe and persistent mental illness, their families, friends and other networks to deliver effective, quality support. MIFA advocates for positive changes in all areas of social and public policy that impacts on the quality of life for those experiencing mental illness.

MIFA has adopted the following strategies to direct their important works:

  • Strategy 1. Advocate for a better quality of life for all people affected by severe and persistent mental illness.
  • Strategy 2. Influence public and professional policy and actively contribute to implementation and evaluation.

MIFA has several priorities that influence the manner in which advocacy is pursued: physical health, homelessness, suicide, stigma, education, employment and carer support.

The Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia is a membership organisation representing at the national level the interests of its member organisations and people affected by mental illness.

Currently, MIFA has member organisations operating in most states and territories of Australia including:

  • Mental Illness Fellowship of Queensland
  • Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW
  • Mental Illness Fellowship of WA
  • Mental Illness Fellowship of South Australia
  • Mental Illness Fellowship of North Queensland
  • Mental Health Carers Tasmania
  • Mental Illness Fellowship Australia (NT)
  • Mental Health Foundation ACT
  • Aftercare

Our commitment to Corporate Citizenship

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation, reliant almost entirely on Australian Government funding.

Medconsultants’ leadership ascribes a strong synergy between the valuable work of Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia and their own individual work as medical practitioners, and as leaders in the medical assessments and reporting industry.

The Medconsultants team feels passionately about this worthwhile cause and the ways in which the additional funding provided makes a difference in people’s lives.

Ongoing sponsorship of Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia lies at the core of Medconsultants corporate social responsibility endeavours.

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