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delivering excellence, case by case

Our core values are integrity. distinction. responsiveness. objectivity.

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Medconsultants, a medico-legal firm providing expert medical solutions to decision-makers across Australia.

As a consulting specialist you simply notify us of available time slots for appointments in your calendar, and we make medico-legal bookings for you.

Whether you are currently engaged in clinical practice or a specialist no longer performing a clinical role, Medconsultants offers a lucrative opportunity to join our team of esteemed medical and allied health clinicians.

We offer consulting tailored to your lifestyle and the opportunity to access a significant supplementary income stream.

Our specialists benefit from

Attractive remuneration - we compensate according to time invested, and not a set fee, to ensure you are well rewarded for your efforts

Bookings tailored to your lifestyle and schedule

A reliable income stream through our strong market positioning

Highly organised bookings management system with 24/7 online access

Our professional, experienced practice team providing exemplary service

End to end case management including file storage

The convenience of using your own rooms if preferred

Association with a firm boasting a reputation for excellence and ethics

Enhanced medical report compilation and assessment skills

Expert report transcription service from our in-house typists

Professional proofreading of medical reports

Stimulating cases providing intellectual and professional fulfillment

Invoicing, accounting and cash collection services

Timely payment of invoices regardless of client payment status.

A friendly yet dynamic environment

No bad debts with your escalation in income

Responsibilities limited to those of standard doctor-patient obligations

Ongoing support and assistance at every stage

A team that keeps abreast of the latest medico-legal legislative requirements

No administrative burden or notable additional practice costs

An expanded professional identity, profile and skillset

Interstate and regional consulting opportunities

Optional professional consulting rooms